Avocado Rich 3 Step Cream Set

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  • Get nourished with the Avocado Rich Emulsion. Made with 15% Avocado Extract and nourishing oils, this intensive moisturizing emulsion adds a layer of hydration to nourish and smooth dry and lack-luster skin.
  • An upgraded version of Premium Avocado Rich series from Skinfood.
  • Containing rich avocado extract which moisturises skin and let your complexion become glowy. 
  • Extracted by Natural Undiluted Extraction method at low speed under room temperature. 
  • Without adding water or solvent for dilution


This Set Includes

Step 1. Avocado Rich Toner 180ml

  • Saturate a cotton pad and sweep over the entire face and neck area. Let absorb. Followed by essence, emulsion and cream

Step 2. Avocado Rich Emulsion 180ml

  • After using toner, apply an adequate amount of emulsion on the face and tab until it absorbs.

Step 3. Avocado Rich Cream 55ml

  • At the last step of the skincare routine, apply a moderate amount of cream on the face evenly