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Pantothenic 2 Step Set

Pantothenic 2 Step Set

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Step1: Pantothenic Water Parsley Clear Pad (60 pads)

Infused with parsley extract and pantothenic acid, it helps to soothe and balance the skin while promoting a clearer complexion. Effectively exfoliates and clarifies the skin, helping to remove impurities and excess oil. The convenient pad format makes it easy to use, making it an ideal addition to your skincare routine for smoother, healthier-looking skin.

Step 2: Pantothenic Water Parsley Silence Essence (50mL)

A moisturizing, soothing essence that keeps the skin condition healthy by maintaining oil and water balance to help calm your sensitive skin. Contains the Derma-Herb Complex helps soothe the skin. Daily trouble care line that helps soothe irritated skin with the Water Parsley Extract, which helps effectively relieve inflammations.

  • Removes impurities, excess oil, and dead skin cells
  • Soothes and balances the skin
  • Promotes a clearer complexion
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